Christmas Appeal 2022:
12 Days of Christmas

Give a Christmas gift to suffering Christians in Bible lands

As Christmas approaches, our hearts and minds turn to the Bible lands, where a baby lay in a manger 2,000 years ago: Jesus our Saviour and our God.

Today His followers in the region suffer in many ways. Will you give them a gift this Christmas season, as they and we together rejoice in the Incarnation of our Lord?

There is an old tradition of celebrating “12 days of Christmas”. Below are 12 suggested gifts, one for each day, which will bring joy and practical aid to believers living in Bible lands today.

If the Lord leads you to give a Christmas gift, thank you very much. If the Lord leads you to pray for these situations, thank you very much.

Day 1 - Christian school in Bethlehem

Sunday 25 December

This school has high academic standards and a happy, loving Christian atmosphere.

A gift of £35 ($46; €39) could help fund one poor Christian child at the school for one month.

Please give

Day 2 - Christmas food parcels for children in Lebanon

Monday 26 December

A gift of £10 ($12; €11.60) could provide a parcel of tasty and nourishing food items for a Christian child in Lebanon, a country reeling from many difficulties including a catastrophic economic situation.

Please give

Day 3 - Livelihoods for needy Christians in Egypt

Tuesday 27 December

Give the gift of self-sufficiency! In 2023 Barnabas will fund start-up costs for 289 small businesses to provide incomes for 319 Christians in 12 Egyptian villages. Examples are tailoring, small grocery shops, selling shoes, steam car washes, photocopying, goat breeding, car batteries and many more.

The average cost to create one job is £350 ($460; €390). Ten gifts of £35 ($46; €39) could give one Christian family a long-term income.

Please give

Day 4 - Shipping food to Christians in Jordan

Wednesday 28 December

Food donated by Barnabas supporters in UK is shipped to Jordan to help needy Jordanian Christians, as well as Syrian and Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan.

A gift of £3.35 ($4; €3.80) could cover the cost of shipping one family food box.

Please give

Day 5 - Pistachio trees for income-generation in Turkey

Thursday 29 December

A gift of £4.40 ($5.30; €5) could buy a young pistachio tree to add to an orchard at a ministry centre in Turkey. The nuts will be sold to generate an income to support the centre.

A gift of £8.80 ($10.60; €10) could provide not only the tree but also help install the essential irrigation system to keep it thriving.

Please give

Day 6 - Winter fuel for Christians in Lebanon

Friday 30 December

Many Christians live in the mountains of Lebanon. The high altitude makes it bitterly cold in winter. Lebanon is in a desperate economic situation and spiralling inflation means few people can afford heating oil for their homes.

A gift of £125 ($150; €140) could help keep a family warm for a month.

Please give

Day 7 - Feeding widows and their children in Egypt

Saturday 31 December

Many Egyptian Christian widows struggle to support their children.

A gift of just £1.60 ($1.90; €1.80) could provide 2 kg of rice and 1 kg of flour to help a widow feed her children.

Please give

Day 8 - Winter coats for Christian refugee children in Jordan

Sunday 1 January

Will you give a winter coat to keep a child warm? A Christian child who has fled from Syria or Iraq to seek refuge in Jordan?

£8 ($9.60; €9.10) could buy a coat for a child aged 4 to 10.

£10.25 ($12.40; €11.70) could buy coat for an older child.

Please give

Day 9 - Schooling for Sudanese Christian refugees in Egypt

Monday 2 January

A gift of £25 ($30; €28) could pay the salary of a Sudanese Christian school-teacher for a week, educating Sudanese Christians at a basic school in Egypt.

Teachers and students alike are refugees.

Please give

Day 10 - Warm clothes for Christian refugee children in Turkey

Tuesday 3 January

Prices are soaring in Turkey and life is especially hard for Christian refugees.

A gift of £65 ($78; €74) could provide a child with items of warm clothing and a little Christmas food.

Please give

Day 11 - Medical needs of Christians in Lebanon

Wednesday 4 January

The economic disaster in Lebanon is so severe that some people have died because they could no longer afford to buy life-sustaining medication.

A gift of £41 ($50; €48) could provide urgently needed medicines for a chronically sick Christian

Please give

Day 12 - Winter warmth for Christians in Turkey

Thursday 5 January

Christian refugees in Turkey cannot afford both food and heating this winter. They have to choose between them.

A gift of £21 ($25; €24) could cover gas and electricity bills for a family for two weeks so that they could stay warm and also eat.

Please give