What to expect

Here’s what to expect from our recruitment process:

Stage One:

  • Your application form and accompanying CV will first be reviewed by our HR department. If an application is not completed in full, it will be rejected and fail at this stage of the application process.

Stage Two:

  • If your application has been approved by the HR department, then you will be asked to attend the first interview (onsite or through Zoom) in the application process, conducted by the International COO and the Head of Personnel.
  • The interview will be an opportunity for us to get to know you better, ask questions around soft skills (time management, organisational skills etc.) and determine, overall your general suitability for the position.
  • If you are successful at stage two, you will progress to the next stage of our recruitment process.

Stage Three:

  • At this stage in the process you will be interviewed by the responsible Director, International CEO, applicable Line Manager and Head of Personnel.
  • Here you will be afforded an opportunity to be specifically assessed on your technical and job-specific abilities, skills and competencies.
  • You may (according to the assessment needs of the department) need to complete an assessment or test to help us further determine your suitability for the position.

At this point, all stages of our recruitment process will have been completed, and your overall application will be reviewed in full.

You will then be contacted by the HR department and informed of the outcome of your application.

If you are successful, a job offer letter will be emailed to you, with further details of your employment.