28 May 2021

“When I was in prison, I never imagined that one day I would be free. At the same time I had my hope in God.” Aasia Bibi spoke with Barnabas Fund this week, recalling the long years on death row in Pakistan, sentenced to hang because of a false accusation of “blasphemy”.

Aasia Bibi dressed in orange

Aasia Bibi spent nearly eight years on death row in Pakistan. Now in a safe country, her heart’s desire is for the security of a permanent home

Now acquitted, released and living in a Western country with her husband and two daughters, Aasia Bibi is thankful to God for the ordeal she experienced, and how He kept her safe and brought her through it. Every day she thanks Him for her freedom, but adds one prayer request: a house of her own.

Yearning for peace and security

After all she has suffered, Aasia longs for the security, stability and permanence of having their own home. She has great trouble sleeping at night. To have a house of their own, she says, would enable the family to feel truly safe and help her healing and recovery from what she endured.

Aasia asked Barnabas Fund

Aasia Bibi asked Barnabas Fund for a contribution towards the cost of a small family house, suitable for four adults including one with a disability, in their new country.

Years ago, when Aasia was in prison and her family in hiding in Pakistan, Barnabas Fund helped towards the cost of a house for her husband and children. Their lives were in almost as much danger as hers, because of zealous Muslims seeking to attack the relatives of “blasphemers”.

Aasia Bibi’s husband and children

Aasia Bibi’s husband and children, pictured while she was in prison and they were in hiding. Barnabas helped provide accommodation for them back then. Will you help give them a permanent home in their new country?

Now the family is together in a safe country and, with your support and by God’s grace, we will help them again. All donations received will be forwarded 100% without deductions.

Whether or not you can give financially, please pray for Aasia Bibi and her family. Her prayer requests are:

  • For her disabled daughter Esha, now at last able to get treatment which was not possible in Pakistan
  • Security for herself and her family
  • Those still in prison in Pakistan, suffering for their Christian faith, that they will have their freedom too.

Aasia Bibi was arrested and imprisoned in June 2009 after Muslim co-workers accused her of “blasphemy”. She was sentenced to death in November 2010 and eventually acquitted in October 2018.

Will you help Barnabas Fund be an answer to her prayers?

Please give now.

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