Christian victims of violent attack in South Sudan urgently need your help

14 January 2022

“Massive displacement has happened, and the humanitarian situation is alarming as food and other property have been burned down into ashes, leaving survivors with no shelter, no food and no safe drinking water.”

This cry for help from South Sudan came after a violent attack early this month on the Christian community of Yith Pabol village in Aweil East county, on the border with the Republic of Sudan. At least 28 people were killed and 57 houses burned down, destroying all the food, drinking water and personal possessions inside them.

The Islamist extremist attackers had come over the border from Sudan – as so often happens in this vulnerable part of South Sudan.

Nothing but the clothes they are wearing

Huge numbers of Christian villagers are now left with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

Tents, clothing, medicines, and especially food and safe drinking water are urgently needed.

Local communities in South Sudan are doing their best to help their brothers and sisters, but have few resources. 

Your gift will make so much difference in this emergency situation.

Barnabas Fund has previously channelled aid to displaced South Sudanese Christians. Can you help us to do the same again?

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