21 May 2021

Conflict and Covid afflict the land where our Lord Jesus lived on earth. Our brothers and sisters are in “tremendous need”, said a contact to Barnabas Fund this week, and facing “huge problems”. 

Some are refugees, vulnerable and far from home. Some are converts, rejected by their families and communities. Many lost their jobs and income when the pandemic struck. Now, caught in the middle of an armed conflict, they struggle to buy food, pay the rent or pay for medication and other medical help.

We will forward 100% of your gift to our Christian partners in the Holy Land (including Israel and Gaza) who will use it to help the neediest believers. We thank God for the opportunity to show our love for Christians in the Holy Land at this time.  

Please give today to assist believers with food, rent and medical needs.

Man carrying food aid

Please help needy Christians in the Holy Land with food, rent and medical costs