Desperate Christians in Lebanon need food, medicine and more

9 December 2022

Antoniette felt she was a burden on her family because of her disability. Many other disabled Christian children in Lebanon feel the same. Their country has been in dire crisis for as long as these little ones can remember. Despite their young age, they understand the terrible difficulties facing their parents who have somehow to find the family’s food and other daily needs.

But Antoniette’s family now receive food parcels from Barnabas Aid that help them survive. This aid makes Antoniette “feel blessed and not a burden”, says our project partner in Lebanon.

Lebanon is wracked by chaos and economic disaster. Inflation has spiralled up to unbelievable heights: “good” salaries are now worthless. The war in Ukraine this year has added to pre-existing factors, as Lebanon used to import much of its food and fuel from there. Many hospitals have stopped all non-emergency care because of the prolonged power outages and lack of fuel for their generators. Children are dropping out of school as their parents do not even have money for their daily travel. The prolonged suffering is causing sectarian violence to flare up again. At the moment Lebanon doesn’t even have a government.

Thanks to your support Antoniette feels “blessed and not a burden”. Can you help us to bless more of our Lebanese brothers and sisters?

Christians have been hard hit

Christians have been particularly hard hit, for the neighbourhoods affected by the massive explosion in the Port of Beirut in 2020 were predominantly Christian. Many are fearful about the future, given the Islamist violence in the region in recent years. Large numbers are leaving the country. At the same time, Christians from Syria have fled to Lebanon to seek safety there.

Now winter is approaching. Many Christians live in the mountains, where it gets bitterly cold at this time of year.

Elderly Christians suffer greatly from Lebanon's cold winter

Help for the neediest

In the midst of this turmoil and suffering, our Lebanese project partners are helping the neediest Christians: the elderly, the disabled, widows with children to support.

They give food parcels; soap and hygiene items; money for medicines, electricity, heating fuel, rent, and transport.

Will you enable Barnabas Aid to keep helping our brothers and sisters in Lebanon?

Please pray for Christians in Lebanon. For many, their deteriorating living conditions come on top of traumatic experiences they have already faced, such as conflict or displacement. Ask the Lord to give them strength, hope and faith to endure.

£16 ($20; €18) could provide a family food parcel to help for one month

£41 ($50; €48) could provide urgently needed medicines for a chronically sick Christian

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