Earthquake in Haiti: please give today to help desperate survivors

20 August 2021

“Our church is destroyed … but we have faith,” said a Haitian church minister.

The people of Haiti are reeling from two major natural disasters in less than a week. Send your gift today to help them through local Christian believers.

The impoverished Caribbean nation was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last Saturday (14 August) that killed over 2,000 and destroyed more than 37,000 homes. Two days later the homeless and bereaved survivors, sheltering under flimsy tenting, were lashed by Tropical Storm Grace, creating untold misery. It is the middle of the hurricane season, so more torrential rain and high winds are all too likely.

Many church buildings lie in ruins, a disaster in itself for a nation where the churches are vital centres of local communities. Entire towns and at least one city are without a church left standing. This week’s devastation comes on top of Covid-19 and the mysterious assassination of the Haitian president last month. The country had not yet fully recovered from a terrible earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

The government seems overwhelmed and unable to assist its suffering people. Your gift to Barnabas Fund will be used by local believers to provide urgently needed humanitarian aid such as emergency shelter, food, drinking water and healthcare. In the longer term, the need will be for housing, reconstruction of churches, livelihoods and trauma counselling.

Please give now.

Haiti’s devastating earthquake has killed 2,000 people and damaged or destroyed many church buildings, which were a centre of community life. Please send help through local believers (Image credit: Twitter)

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