Help bear the burden of persecuted pastors in Algeria

8 September 2023

“The support from Barnabas Aid is a huge relief and took away a big burden from my shoulders,” said Pastor Hamid in Algeria. He was released from prison in July, after two and a half years behind bars. Latterly Barnabas Aid was helping support his wife and children, saving him from worrying in jail about how his loved ones could manage financially without him.

Pastor Ahmed’s church building was closed by the Algerian authorities in October 2020. Without church meetings, there were no offerings taken up. Without offerings, how could his salary be paid? Meanwhile his congregation were in desperate need of pastoral care, many of them “struggling with their faith” as pressure on Algerian Christians grew. There was much for Pastor Ahmed to do, visiting his church members in their homes. But it was hard to focus while his own wife and children were struggling to survive financially. Now it is different … because Barnabas is helping Pastor Ahmed’s family.

A church door, sealed by the Algerian authorities, prevents congregations gathering to worship

“The support we are receiving from Barnabas Aid is a great answer to prayer,” says Pastor Ahmed, “and our ministry is revived. We have started six house groups and visited many believers, for pastoral care, training and discipleship. Thank you for your care."

Currently at least 49 church buildings have been forced to close by the Algerian authorities. Not more than seven remain open. Most Algerian believers now gather in small groups in homes. The pastors of the closed churches, like Pastor Ahmed, are going discreetly from home to home to minister to them.

These Algerian Christians now worship outdoors, beside their church building, whose door has been sealed by the authorities to prevent them entering

Pastor Hamid shares with small groups about his time in prison. “God is opening many doors and opportunities to share with the believers my experience in prison, and encourage many house groups to walk with God and trust Him in every situation."

Most Algerian Christians now have to meet in small groups, as their church buildings have been forcibly closed. They are in great need of pastoral care, as persecution grows. Will you help support the pastors who minister to them?

Please pray that the faith of Algerian Christians will be strengthened as their situation grows tougher.

Barnabas is providing the personal living costs for 30 of the neediest Algerian pastors and their families. Will you help us bear this burden, freeing them to strengthen our Algerian brothers and sisters?

How you can help

£8 ($10; €9) could cover the basic needs of a pastor and his family for one day

£56 ($70; €63) could support a pastor and his family for a week

£250 ($300; €275) could support a pastor and his family for a month

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