30 April 2021

Thank you for your generous donations to help our brothers and sisters in India, as Covid-19 continues its cruel ravaging of this vast nation. Never before has India experienced such suffering, an Indian Christian leader told Barnabas this week. Daily statistics show a catastrophic situation that is growing worse and worse. Please continue to give.

Your gifts are feeding 50,000 Christians

With your help Barnabas is already providing emergency food aid to 8,791 needy Christian families, that is around 50,000 individuals. Many are migrant workers, daily-wage labourers, street vendors, maids, rickshaw drivers and others who have lost their income due to lockdown. Nutritious food will strengthen their bodies to help them survive if they are infected with the coronavirus.

Indian Christians

The Christians your gifts are helping include at least 4,337 families of first-generation believers, 2,789 families of pastors whose congregations can no longer support them, and 1,200 families of Dalit or tribal Christians who struggle to survive at the very bottom of Indian society.

Indian Christians praying

Indian Christians need your help as Covid-19 ravages their country

So many more are still in need

Many further requests from Covid-impacted Christians in India are waiting for help. Your gift today will enable us to say “yes” to tens of thousands more hungry vulnerable Christians.

Just £11 ($15; €13) will provide a family food-pack to last a month.

Typical contents include rice, wheat flour, lentils or chickpeas, and cooking oil, with extras such as ginger, garlic, spices and salt where possible.

We will forward 100% of your donation to our project partners in India, without deductions.

Please give today.

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