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Medical crisis in Covid-afflicted Sri Lanka: Christians need your help

17 September 2021

“We hear and see families crying for help, mothers confused as to how to find the next meal, fathers helpless and unable to find odd jobs to sustain, thefts increasing around the city simply to find money for their families!“

A Sri Lankan Christian doctor poured out her heart to Barnabas Fund about the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, due to Covid lockdown.

A food shortage, coupled with inflation and a depreciating currency, has pushed Sri Lanka into a crippling crisis of hunger. Lockdown continues as Sri Lanka struggles with a persistent fourth wave of the pandemic.

Even middle-class families are now walking into hospitals and imploring staff to give them just one meal. And for Sri Lanka’s 4,000,000 day labourers, many of whom are Christians, the situation is even worse.

Will you help Barnabas provide food and medical aid for desperate Christians in
Sri Lanka?

Can you help?

Our Sri Lankan project partners are distributing packs of food and hygiene items to needy and poor Christian families who do not have enough to eat due to the lockdowns.

They are also providing medical packages, containing key medicines for symptomatic relief and oxygen (if needed), to poor Christian day labourers, who have Covid-19 and cannot afford any medical care.

Eleven new Christian medical centres, supported by Barnabas Fund, have been set up across Sri Lanka, to provide this help.

In the Southern Province, where Christians constitute less than 1% of the population and persecution is rife, ten Christian volunteers will be trained to provide Covid-19 medical care, for Christian patients in their homes. They will be provided with equipment such as a pulse oximeter, masks, a nebuliser, medicine pack, etc.

£2 ($2.70; €2.30) could buy much-needed medicine and vitamins for one medical package

£11 ($15, €13) could buy a pack of emergency food and hygiene items for a poor and needy Christian family

£20 ($30; €26) could buy a pulse oximeter for a medical pack

£30 ($41; €35) could buy a nebuliser

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