Ukraine appeal: Give a Christmas gift to aid desperate Christians in Ukraine

16 December 2022

A war-torn country.

Winter taking a grip.

Terrible shortages.

Rising costs.

And Christmas is approaching.

An elderly Ukrainian Christian receives a wood-burning stove funded by Barnabas. Can you help us meet even more needs as winter takes hold?

What can you do to help?

As we get busy preparing to celebrate our Saviour’s birth, will you take a moment to send an extra gift ‒ a present for a Christian or a Christian family in Ukraine? While temperatures are dropping, prices are soaring, making life harder and harder. The cost of a wood-burning stove has doubled in the last few weeks.

Please donate to help today.

£1.50 ($1.90; €1.80) could buy three boxes of paracetamol (60 tablets)

£3.90 ($4.80; €4.50) could buy a pack of 18 sanitary pads

£6.40 ($7.90; €7.40) could buy a bottle of cough syrup

£11 ($13; €12) could buy a pair of gloves

£19 ($24; €22) could buy a good quality power bank to recharge a mobile phone three times (very helpful in a country greatly afflicted with power outages)

£31 ($38; €35) could buy a pair of children’s shoes

£35 ($43; €40) could buy a sleeping bag

£70 ($86; €80) could feed a family of four for a week

£112 ($140; €130) could buy 2 cubic metres of firewood

£140 ($170; €160) could buy a family-sized wood-burning stove, for both heating and cooking, including all accessories

£530 ($660; €620) could buy a 4.5 kW generator, suitable to power a home

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