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Winter appeal: Save Christian lives in Ukraine

3 November 2023

Can you help our displaced and suffering brothers and sisters survive a bitterly cold winter in Ukraine?

”My husband and I have been living without clean water and bread for the last four days. We don’t have any more power and almost everything is damaged,” said Nastya, an elderly Christian from Poltava in eastern Ukraine. Bread was the only thing Nastya and her husband had left.

As the bitter cold fast approaches, Christian families – most of them displaced from their homes – are faced by a winter without shelter, warmth or food. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Our project partner on the ground out there explained to Barnabas last week, “There are many houses without any source of power. No gas or electricity.”

Christians in Ukraine gathering around a Barnabas-funded wood-burning stove to warm up last winter

Christians displaced by the war and sudden changes in the frontline in Ukraine are trying to survive. They have sought shelter in churches or been taken into the homes of others, who are already poor and struggling.

Can you help them?

How you can help

Could you give a donation of money to help us provide food, wood-burning stoves, firewood and more? Some current prices are below. Please click on the amount to donate:


($18; €16.50) could provide a box of food basics.


($65; €60) could provide enough firewood for a Christian family for two weeks.


($180; €165) could provide and install a wood-burning stove for a Christian family to stay warm and cook their food.

Could you make a donation of food, new warm clothes or new blankets through our .gives project? (Please note that import regulations sadly don’t allow the sending of used clothing or used blankets.)

Order your boxes here.

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