16 Christians murdered in brutal dawn attack on Nigerian church

26 April 2018

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Local news sources confirmed that 16 people have been killed in a gun attack by semi-nomadic herdsmen on a church in Gwer, Benue State, in the early hours of 23 April.

Local herdsmen attacked the church in Ayar-Mbalom during a morning service. Amongst those killed were two ministers named as Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha.

Terver Akase, a spokesperson for State Governor Samuel Ortom, told news sources that the attackers went on to set 50 houses on fire, causing serious disruption to the entire community.

The attack comes just four days after the murder of ten Christian famers by herdsmen in the Guma Local Government Area, also in Benue State, a major scene of carnage by suspect herdsmen since January.

President Muhammadu Buhari issued a statement calling the violation of a place of worship “vile, evil and satanic” and an “attempt to stoke religious conflict”.

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