Christian from Wuhan asks for prayer for city in lockdown against coronavirus

2 March 2020

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Barnabas Fund has received a request for prayer from a Christian living in Wuhan, the Chinese city of eleven million quarantined following the coronavirus outbreak.

He describes how all the churches have become “virtual”, their ministries now run on the internet, because no one is able to visit and worship in person. People are only allowed out of their homes once every two days – and only for food.

Our contact writes, “At the same time, it is imperative to be in masks and gloves, the whole city is smelling of bleach, entrances, streets and even incoming parcels are disinfected.

The streets of Wuhan are deserted as the authorities in the quarantined city have ordered the population to stay indoors [Image credit: SISTEMA 12]

“I want to talk you a little about the needs of believers in Wuhan where [there is] an outbreak of the disease. Believers call it the plague. In fact, many believers fell ill. They got sick at the beginning when was possible for them to attend the services.

“Pray for them, they are all discouraged. They report that there is a shortage of medical masks, as well as medical personnel. Many of our brothers and sisters work there as doctors, pray for them also,” he asks.

Barnabas is sending essential hygiene items to protect courageous Christians in Wuhan, and those they are helping, as they minister to the needy on the streets. We are also supporting pastors infected with coronavirus with their basic needs as they recover and prepare to return to their ministries.

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