Christians living near Wuhan in China contact Barnabas calling for worldwide prayer

28 January 2020

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A Barnabas contact, who has relatives living near Wuhan city, has affirmed the seriousness of the Coronavirus outbreak in China and called on Christians throughout China and worldwide to pray for the situation:

And now about the situation in China. It is really serious. People are in fear. About 11 multi-million cities are quarantined. A huge number of videos are walking on the network, as people just fall on the street, videos with empty store counters, videos from crowded hospitals with heartbreaking cries and screams, with covered corpses in the corridors of hospitals. The worst thing is when the doctors in tears say that everything that is in the news is not true, they say that there are much more infected and dying. There is also information that there is a lack of medical personnel and medicines. Mostly everyone is sitting at home. On the street walk only in masks. Disposable masks and filter masks have become worth their weight in gold; other masks are simply useless. The necessary masks are difficult to find, and if you find one, be ready to give a large amount. We found only children's masks. While I was writing this letter, a message came from the police that now some types of transport are no longer in our city. And if someone feels unwell or wants to leave the city, you need to contact a special number. The virus is getting closer and closer I feel fear for my family but I try to trust God. Unfortunately, the city of Wuhan is not far from us about 600 km. There is nothing we can do about it, we can only pray, strengthen immunity and maintain hygiene. We decided at this time to refuse meetings and guests. We think we should not take risks. Believers of all China and not only, are united in prayer, we also invite you to pray. Thank you for your love support and care for us. Thank God for everything! Bountiful blessings!”

Residents of Wuhan queue up outside a chemist shop in an attempt to buy a filter mask, now so rare they are "worth their weight in gold"

From Barnabas Fund contacts

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