Editorial: Thank you for your persistent prayers

28 June 2022

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In this week’s Barnabas Aid Update email we are fortunate to share with you several encouraging stories from the Church around the world.

In Pakistan, the government is taking steps to promote the rights of Christians and other minorities. Tunisia will no longer acknowledge Islam as the state religion. In Iraq, the project to return properties to Christians and other persecuted groups is being expanded. 

Wonderfully, in Nigeria, another two of the 276 young women and girls abducted by Islamists from Chibok have been found alive.

A Christian in Myanmar prays to the Lord

It is rare, however, for us to be able to share so much good news with our supporters and readers.

Our emails, the updates section of our website, our social media feed and our prayer diary (Barnabas Prayer) are more often dominated by accounts of suffering and persecution.

We do not enjoy sharing such accounts, but the nature of Barnabas Aid’s ministry is such that we hear more news of suffering and struggling than of thriving and rejoicing.

The reason we share these updates is not to shock, distress or discourage.

It is because we know our faithful supporters are ready and waiting to respond with the most practical thing in the world – prayer.

On behalf of our suffering family around the world, thank you for your persistent prayers for all the Lord’s people (Ephesians 6:18).

And this week, let us take the opportunity to rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15).

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