God MOO-ves in mysterious way to save woman in Azerbaijan

15 April 2019

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A cow played a highly unlikely role in leading a young woman in Azerbaijan to the Lord.

God used the animal to turn Rena from persecutor of Christians to follower of Christ.

Rena was furious that her sister and mother had become Christians in the Muslim-dominated nation and she scorned them, “Will you shame us among people, maybe you will even put a cross on your house?”

“God moves in a mysterious way,” as William Cowper wrote in 1773. This was the case when a cow was used to recently bring a woman to know the Lord in Azerbaijan [Image source: Peretz Partensky]

Her mother simply held out the New Testament and said, “If you knew about this book, you’d want to read it.”

One day Rena lost her cow and spent three days searching in vain for the animal, she told a Barnabas contact in Azerbaijan, which sits between Russia and Iran.

On the third day, she thought, “They say Jesus Christ is alive. If this is true let my cow return to me, and I will believe in Him.”

“When it got dark we went along the road and in lights from cars I saw something running toward us. It was my cow! Then I said, ‘Lord, I believe that You are truth’ and when I came back to my courtyard with the cow I said, ‘My cow has been found and Jesus Christ made it happen!’

“From that day I am a Christian and I am following Jesus,” Rena said.

She now attends a growing church, which receives help for renting a meeting place from Barnabas Fund.

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