Help for nearly 8,000 Cameroon Christians displaced by Boko Haram

25 January 2023

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Christians forced to flee attacks by Boko Haram Islamist militants in Far North Cameroon have received Barnabas-funded aid.

Supplies of corn, soap and bleach were given to 1,327 families (7,962 people) who fled with nothing when they were driven from their homes just before harvest.

“I could not imagine in this difficult time that people come to meet us with donations,” said Esther, one of the thankful recipients of the aid. “May God bless you and bless your donors.”

Widows receive a bag of beans and 20 litres of oil to help them earn an income

In addition to the food aid, 100 widows each received a bag of beans and 20 litres of oil. These ingredients can be used by the widows to make fritters, which can be eaten by their children or sold to earn an income.

We also provided 100 young women with 50 sewing machines to start businesses in pairs. “God has answered my prayers,” said one of the young women. “This will help me pay for my schooling and that of my little sister.”

“I bless God for this, I am the most blessed of the girls of my generation,” said another young woman. “I will make sure with my colleague next year that we will have two machines instead of one. God bless the donors.”

Give thanks for the distribution of aid to Christians displaced by violence in northern Cameroon. Pray that attacks by Boko Haram on our brothers and sisters will cease. Ask that the widows and young women will be successful in earning a living and enabled to provide for their families.

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