No place to hide – “Big Brother” AI surveillance programme rolls out across China

17 December 2019

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The Chinese government is rolling out a complete-coverage artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance system that will give authorities access to massive quantities of raw data and the capacity to monitor citizens’ every move.

Pilot schemes of “social scoring” data already active in Beijing and Shanghai use advanced facial recognition technology to monitor location and track movement. Christians and other minorities risk harassment and discrimination if they “dissent” from prescribed communist doctrines in their visible behaviour or online activities.

A huge network of AI-powered technology allows the Chinese authorities to monitor every move and facial expression of the country’s citizens [Image credit: Quartz News]

The monitoring programme will apply to all foreign-owned companies as well as Chinese individuals and entities. An expert explained, “It will cover every district, every ministry, every business and other institution, basically covering the whole of society .”

Big data mastermind, Wang Yingwei, who spent ten years with China’s Criminal Investigation Bureau, has been instrumental in developing advanced bio-data identification methods – including fingerprinting and facial recognition. Wang has been appointed Head of the Cybersecurity Bureau that will oversee the massive programme.

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