Outbreak of fighting in Aden triggers humanitarian concerns

1 February 2018

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An outbreak of fighting between anti-Houthi forces in Yemen escalated on Monday (30 January), leading to the closure of Aden port, delaying the arrival of humanitarian aid. Christians are among those in the civilian population desperately in need of food.

Forces loyal to Yemen’s President, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, clashed with southern separatist groups who have fought alongside the government against Houthi rebels since 2015. Fighting appeared to have ceased after initial clashes, but violence resumed early this week, with both sides deploying artillery and armoured vehicles.

400,000 children in Yemen are severely malnourished and fighting for their lives

Barnabas Fund has launched an appeal to help Christians within Yemen provide practical help to those in need by supplying food, clean water and medicines.

Global Christian News http://www.globalchristiannews.org/article/food-aid-delayed-by-outbreak-of-fighting-in-ade/

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