Pakistani hospital staff killed Christian who stood up for pregnant sister

5 April 2018

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Staff and doctors at a hospital in Lahore beat to death a Christian man who stood up for his pregnant sister after staff discriminated against her.

Kiran Saleem visited the hospital in Lahore on 26 March to see a gynaecologist, but the female doctor on duty asked a nurse to see the pregnant Christian woman. Kiran insisted she wanted to be seen by a doctor. During the ensuing argument, the female doctor reportedly slapped Kiran.

Kiran’s three brothers – Sunil, Johnson and Anil – who visited her at the hospital, reported the incident to a local news channel, but were then threatened by hospital security guards. They began to beat the Christian men, aided by at least three doctors.

Sunil was beaten for around 30 minutes and sustained critical injuries. Although he was then admitted to the hospital, no doctor attended to him and he subsequently died.

Police have registered an initial report of the murder, which names several doctors and security staff at the hospital, but at the time of writing no arrests have been made.

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