Two Egyptian Muslim brothers jailed for life for killing Christian shopkeeper

1 November 2021

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Two Muslim brothers known for their hatred and harassment of Christians have been jailed for life by Alexandria Criminal Court for the killing of Egyptian Christian shopkeeper Ramsis Hermina, 47.

Under Egyptian law it means that Nasser and Ali al-Sambo must serve 25 years in prison for the brutal attack on 10 December 2020 in which two other Christian men, including Mr Hermina’s brother, were injured.

Ramsis Hermina was held by Ali al-Sambo while his brother Nasser stabbed him in the abdomen and neck

Nasser and his brothers were known for their religious fanaticism and for their harassment of Christians, especially Christian shopkeepers, in the al-Wardayan district where they lived. This escalated when Nasser was released from serving time in prison for previous violent behaviour, as he claimed that Christians testified against him.

On the morning of the attack, the brothers’ mother, who was in poor health, died. Hours later Nasser and Ali al-Sambo left their home in a fit of rage and, armed with knives, a sword and clubs, headed to the Christian-owned shops, shouting obscenities against Christians and accusing them of being the cause of their mother’s death.

Mr Hermina heard the shouting and hurried to bring in the household goods he had on display outside his shop. He was caught by the brothers and, as Ali held him, Nasser stabbed him in the abdomen and neck.

Ramsis Hermina outside his shop where the fatal attack happened

Mr Hermina’s brother Adel, 60, who owns a shop next door, and another shopkeeper, Tareq Fawzy Shenouda, went to help him but Adel was stabbed and Mr Shenouda was hit on the head with a club and stabbed. The al-Sambo brothers went on to ransack all three of the men’s shops.

Ramsis Hermina died from his injuries in hospital. Adel received treatment in hospital and was discharged two days later. Mr Shenouda underwent surgery and was transferred to intensive care.

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