Be there for poor Lebanese Christians suffering from Covid-19 lockdown: Please help them

22 May 2020

“The Lord did not leave me alone!” exclaimed Jamile, a Christian widow in Lebanon, when Barnabas Fund provided food and medicine for her and her little daughter “Lily”.

Jamile’s husband was a taxi-driver but died two years ago in a car accident. Until his death, the family had lived a simple, peaceful life in a modest house, following the Lord Jesus, and content that they could survive despite Lebanon’s fragile economy and frequent crises.

In Middle Eastern society, a woman and child on their own, without a man to protect and provide for them, are very vulnerable. Jamile managed to find a part-time job in a factory and her parents contributed what they could, enabling her and Lily to continue to survive.

But then came lockdown

But when the coronavirus lockdown came in Lebanon, it tipped the balance for Jamile. Her working hours were cut. She could no longer earn enough even for food and necessary medicines.

But Barnabas Fund was there to assist with a parcel of food and money for medicine.

The LORD … sustains the fatherless and the widow.
Psalm 146:9

Jamile’s thankfulness to God overflowed, as she rejoiced: “The Lord did not leave me alone!” It was an echo of the words of the Old Testament women who rejoiced with widowed Naomi: “Praise be to the Lord, who this day has not left you without a guardian-redeemer.” (Ruth 4:14)

Lebanon had been riven with conflict in recent times and its economy shattered. Nearly a quarter of its population are refugees. Jamile is one of many Lebanese Christians whom Barnabas Fund is assisting.

Worse than the civil war

A senior Lebanese church leader told Barnabas Fund yesterday, “Lebanon is passing through the most difficult times in its history! Not even at the time of the Lebanese war in 1975-1990 did people feel as much hardship as nowadays. Thanks, Barnabas, for your great help to maintain Christian lives in dignity.”

Just £20 ($24; €22) could provide a food parcel for a family like Jamile’s.

Please give today.

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