Cyclone Freddy appeal: Feed Malawi Christians in need

17 March 2023

Thousands of Christians have been left homeless and in need of urgent assistance in the wake of Cyclone Freddy

We’re overwhelmed by our supporters’ faithful support and generosity in helping suffering Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. Thank you for your prayers and for answering our calls for help when the need arises.

Sadly, natural disasters can strike at any time and leave behind devastating consequences. Malawi, a country in south-eastern Africa, is no stranger to this. Cyclone Freddy, which hit Malawi, Madagascar, and Mozambique earlier this month, is causing widespread devastation. The Zambezia province in Mozambique remains underwater. The tropical storm has left thousands of Christians homeless and in need of aid.

Impact of Cyclone Freddy on Christians in Malawi

“Currently the situation is very pathetic. We have experienced a situation that has never happened before in the country.” These words from Cedric Willie, Acting Executive Director, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian - Blantyre Synod Health & Development Commission, only begin to describe the ongoing situation in Malawi. The region has been hit by six months of rainfall in just six days.   

The cyclone has displaced close to 160,000 people. Torrential rain, flooding, and mudslides have caused over 320 known deaths. Hospitals are being overwhelmed with the injured. Children have become orphans.


Rachel” from Manja township had left her husband and three children at home while she went to buy vegetables at the market. She hoped to be able to be home to make lunch for them, but while she was out, their house collapsed due to the torrential rain and mudslides, killing all her family.

Thokozani is one of thousands taking shelter where they can, after losing her home and family due to Cyclone Freddy.

Thokozani Samson experienced a similar tragedy. Sleep-deprived and anxious, she was trying to get some rest when her neighbour burst in shouting to get out as soon as possible. They grabbed an orphaned child who had been sheltering with them and ran for their lives before the flood waters swept away her house. While they survived, heartbreakingly her husband and two children died when the house came down.

Those who can are sheltering in the schools and churches that are still standing, or have found refuge in newly set-up camps. Thokozani is currently taking shelter at a school with over 4,000 other survivors. In such desperate circumstances, even basic essentials are hard to come by, and everyone is struggling for food. Clean water is also hard to come by, so an outbreak of cholera is also a constant threat.

Thousands of homes have been swept away, and many places still standing are without power.

Barnabas Aid is already moving to help Christians in Malawi

Barnabas Aid is already organising for nutritious ePap maize porridge, amounting to 354,610 meals, to be sent by road from South Africa to Malawi. It will leave this week. However, the need is enormous in this record-breaking storm, and Malawi is often a country that receives the least aid in Africa, due to its landlocked position.

Can You Help Christians in Malawi?

We ask for your prayers to facilitate the aid we send to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Malawi, and thank you for your support. If you’re able to give a gift, thank you for that too.

Families have lost their homes, and camps are struggling to meet even the most basic needs of survivors. Can you help?

How you can help

$7.20 could provide enough ePap for a child aged six or under for two months.

$28 could provide enough ePap for two older children or for two weak or elderly adults for two months. Or for four younger children.

$56 could provide enough ePap for eight younger children for two months.

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