Food for desperate covid-affected Christians brings hope and tears of joy: please give now

17 July 2020

“Your assistance was not just food. For some it was like medicine to cure their despair.” Zarif explained to Barnabas Fund how the aid we had sent to help believers during covid lockdown restored their hope as well as relieving their hunger.

When “Rebecca” was given her Barnabas food aid, she began to cry. Pointing to one of her children, she said, “Feeding these ones has been a challenge since their father was killed by the Fulani. The Lord who sent you, may He bless you too for this work of love.”

This child’s widowed mother, Rebecca, wept with joy to receive food aid from Barnabas. It was hard enough to feed her children after their father had been killed, but covid lockdown made it even worse

Where covid comes on top of persecution

Zarif lives in Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country of ongoing restrictions and discrimination against Christians, especially those who have left Islam to follow Christ.

Rebecca lives in a region of Nigeria where anti-Christian violence by Fulani militants and Boko Haram terrorists has become the norm.

For them, and hundreds of thousands of other Christians in many different countries, the coronavirus is yet more pressure and danger added to what they already endure as followers of Christ.

Turkmen Christians enjoy packing bags with rice, flour, potatoes, tinned meat, tea and other basic foodstuffs to distribute to the neediest Christian families affected by the Covid-19 crisis

A long future of lockdowns?

As lockdowns are extended or re-imposed, our world remains in turmoil because of the invisible virus.

Yesterday (Thursday 16 July), church leaders in Turkmenistan contacted Barnabas Fund to ask for prayer as the Covid situation in their country was getting worse.

Barnabas Fund has already helped covid-affected Christians in 30 countries.

Only God knows how long the need will continue.

Your gift will help us to keep helping them.

Just £20 ($25; €22) could provide a food parcel to help a poor or persecuted Christian family survive another month.