Help Christian survivors after attacks in Myanmar

6 April 2023

Christians in Myanmar displaced after more villages were burned to the ground in attacks

“We can see the shooting fire from my house. Some houses are burning while writing this report.”

Our project partner was emailing us this week about a nearby village of 700 houses. Ninety of the houses were deliberately destroyed by the Myanmar military earlier this year.

“[The] regime uses massive weapons, including two jet fighters and one helicopter to attack Christian villages near my hometown,” said our project partner, who is from the Chin ethnic group.

Homes, schools and church buildings have been burnt to the ground, and hundreds of Christians have fled for their lives.

“[The] military burned civilian houses in many places daily.” Our project partners are on the ground, ready to help the Christians who have survived the destruction of their villages

Since the military coup in Myanmar in 2021, aggression against mainly-Christian ethnic minorities, like the Chin people, has redoubled. Tens of thousands of Chin Christians are already displaced in the region of the recent attacks.

“Aye” was forced to flee her village with her children. Her husband was arrested and then their village was burnt down

“Aye” and her children had to flee when their village was attacked. Her husband, a member of the village council, had been sentenced to two years in prison, after refusing to cooperate with the attackers.

Aye, her family, and many more Chin Christians have been left with nothing after these attacks. They have found shelter in neighbouring villages, but their hosts cannot meet all their needs.

Our project partner ended the report with a plea: “We would like to ask for your prayerful assistance to help our brethren who lost their houses and all their property and food in these villages.

You can help Myanmar Christians through this

Praise God that our brothers and sisters have survived such horrifying attacks, but now they need help for their basic needs.

We are so thankful for our supporters and their generous gifts. If the Lord leads, will you give again to provide these displaced Christians with the essentials for survival, such as rice, blankets, and nets for protection against disease-carrying mosquitoes?

How you can help

Local prices can vary in Myanmar. Here are the figures for April 2023.

$16 could provide a mosquito net to keep a family safe from disease-carrying mosquitoes

$22 could provide one pan and one pot for cooking for a family

$54 could provide rice for a family for three months

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