Persecuted Christians left to starve under Covid-19 lockdown: help Barnabas feed those who have nothing

7 May 2020
Pastors and their families in some parts of India are being excluded from government food aid during Covid lockdown, but Barnabas Fund is helping to feed them as well as other poor Christians excluded from government aid

Only if you renounce Jesus Christ 

Pastor “James” went to collect the food that the central Indian government is providing to poor and needy families affected by Covid-19 lockdown, but the distribution was organized by local Hindu extremist groups, who dominate the government in the state where Pastor James lives. They refused to give him anything unless he renounced his faith in the Lord Jesus. Of course, Pastor James would not deny his beloved Saviour, so he went home empty-handed to his hungry family.

Ordinary Christians are also discriminated against in parts of India where Hindu extremists control the local government. Ashok, a daily wage worker, whose meagre earnings stopped when lockdown prevented him going to work, is one of many who suffer this way. Because he is a Christian, he is not getting the government food ration. He and all his family now eat only once a day; at the other meal times they just drink water.

Food for famished believers

But our project partners in India are now caring for these and many other Christian families, providing them with rice, flour, cooking oil, potatoes, onions, salt and spices as well as face-masks and soap.

We are also helping Christians from impoverished North-East India who have travelled thousands of miles to get work in South India. They mostly have low-paid jobs in restaurants and the food industry – jobs that disappeared when lockdown came. They find it impossible to get the government food ration.


Our food aid for the migrant workers includes formula milk powder for families with babies and toddlers – for some of these little ones, it is the first milk they will have had for four weeks.. 

Barnabas’ help “tells us that our Lord looks after us”

One family, originally from a Christian village in Manipur state, said, “We are five of us and have not been able to work or go out. We have lived on meals others gave us. To get a whole month's supply gives us such security and tells us that our Lord looks after us.”

Your gift today will help Barnabas to support more and more Christian families affected by Covid-19 lockdown, poverty and discrimination – in India and around the world.

£9 ($11; €10) could provide rice and flour for an Indian family of four for a month

£14 ($18; €16) could provide potatoes, onion and cooking oil for an Indian family of four for a month

£32 ($40; €37) could provide face-masks and soap for 20 Indian families

Please give now.

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