Many Christians are struggling to know where they can turn to find reliable, trustworthy Christian content. Mainstream entertainment and information media are not guaranteed to reflect a Biblical worldview. These needs are now being addressed by Barnabas+.

Barnabas+ is an exciting streaming service that offers a variety of quality Christian films, animation, documentaries, and more – available on smartphones, the web or TV.

In 1 Corinthians 14:3 the Apostle Paul instructs us to strengthen, encourage and comfort one another as Christians. This is exactly what Barnabas+ seeks to do through devotionals, praise and worship, sharing of testimonies and Bible teaching – as well as informative Christian documentaries, Gospel narration and content for children.

Barnabas+ has something for everyone to grow in your faith and love for Christ. The service is free to use, with no monthly subscription. Viewers can watch whenever they want, for as long as they want. The service, initially launched in June 2022, has received thousands of views as more people each day sign up to receive the Barnabas+ service.

The Barnabas+ team make adjustments to their equipment as they film 11-year-old Dudu sharing her dreams of becoming a doctor and the various trials of growing up in Zimbabwe

Encouraging and comforting believers

Barnabas+ seeks to encourage, comfort and strengthen Christians through a variety of content.

Barnabas+ Originals are short, informative films telling the personal stories of suffering Christians – those facing persecution, disease and natural disasters – whose faith in the Lord remains strong. These films include supporters’ stories and testimonies from Barnabas Aid projects in various countries such as Bangladesh, Jordan and Zimbabwe, as well as features about refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Full-length films of the entire story of all four Gospels head the series The Bible, which also includes shorter presentations of the Gospel. There are insightful documentaries including journeys to Bible lands and inspiring biographies of heroes of the faith such as John Bunyan and Hudson Taylor. Powerful sermons by Martin Lloyd Jones, faith-affirming apologetics, and worship videos by talented musicians all provide enrichment for each viewer’s soul. Children’s animation series based on Bible stories will keep younger viewers captivated.

Barnabas+ can be accessed at and is available on multiple devices. New programmes are added every month.

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