Uganda soap-making training

T wenty Christians in south-west Uganda, all recent converts from Islam, have received a crucial employment opportunity thanks to Barnabas-funded vocational training. Barnabas has funded costs to train the Muslim-background believers in soap-making. Whilst Uganda is 80% Christian, converts are often ejected from their families and dismissed from Muslim-owned businesses. Barnabas supports Ugandan ministries that provide converts with shelter, discipleship training, trauma counselling and vocational training, including soap-making. After training the new believers will be able to get jobs in a church-owned soap-making facility.












The tutor puts his trainees through their paces at the beginning of the soap-making process












A watchful eye is maintained throughout the process. The success of the project has attracted interest from Christians elsewhere in Uganda who have made learning visits to the factory













Trainees show what they have produced

Project reference: 56-934

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