Barnabas funds building of much-needed health centres in Nigeria

5 September 2023

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Construction is underway on two Barnabas-funded health centres in Nigeria’s Kaduna State, where Christians are repeatedly subjected to Islamist attack.

The two centres, due to open at the end of this year, will provide emergency treatment to attack survivors, as well as general medical care for the sick, including antenatal and paediatric services.

They will serve Christian communities numbering more than 34,000 people.

The new Barnabas-funded health centres will give Christians in Kaduna State safer and faster access to healthcare

Currently people have to travel long distances, often on foot, and at risk of attack, to access healthcare.

Each centre will have a consultant doctor, nurses and administrative staff.

“We see it as Divine providence for us to get this project,” said the head of a Christian village in Nigeria.

“We appreciate the support you have brought to us,” he added. “May God bless you and prosper this work.”

Barnabas hopes to fund the building of more health centres in 2024.

Pray that construction work will progress smoothly and the health centres will open on schedule. Ask the Lord to protect the health centres, the staff and patients from attack.

Project reference: PR1627 (Health centres and clinics in Nigeria)

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