Cousin of Christian “blasphemy” suspect beaten and ordered to perform sex act on relative

1 March 2018

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The cousin of a Christian teenager arrested for “blasphemy” was beaten by Lahore police and ordered to perform a sex act on his relative when he was brought in for questioning. He jumped out of a fourth-floor window to escape, sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries.

Sajid Masih – the 24-year-old cousin of Patras Masih, who was arrested for “blasphemy” after a twelve-hour protest by a Muslim mob – was summoned for questioning by police on Friday 23 February.

Patras Masih, who has been arrested for "blasphemy"

During questioning, he states police confiscated his mobile and then began beating him. “They later took me and Patras to the fourth floor of the building and started beating both of us. We were also told to call each other ‘Laanti’ (accursed)”. Sajid was then ordered to perform a sex act on Patras. He refused. Sajid later said, “However, they insisted and I had no option but to jump through the window of the room.” Sajid jumped out of a fourth-floor window of the police building, sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries that have left him hospitalised.

The police officer in charge of Patras’ case is now reported to have lodged a criminal case against Sajid and claims he tried to commit suicide during routine questioning.

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