India’s Supreme Court to hear petition to stop attacks on Christians

7 July 2022

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India’s Supreme Court is to hear a petition seeking a direction to end “hate speech” targeted against Christians and attacks on their places of worship.

The petition, originally scheduled for 11 July, will now be heard on 15 July.

The petition was filed by the Archbishop of Bangalore Dr Peter Machado together with the National Solidarity Forum and the Evangelical Fellowship of India.

India’s Supreme Court will hear the urgent petition for an end to attacks on Christians on 15 July

Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves, on behalf of the petitioners, said there are on average 45 to 50 violent attacks on Christian institutions and church leaders every month in India. However, 57 violent incidents took place in May.

The plea refers to a “sinister phenomena of violence” and “targeted hate speech” against the Christian community by vigilante groups and nationalist organisations.

“The appeal was filed by our legal team,” said the archbishop. “We still have hope in the government machinery. They can control the fringe elements.

“And more than anything we have immense hope in the judiciary, which has stood by the rights of minorities and the harassed.”

Give thanks that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the petition filed on behalf of our suffering brothers and sisters. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the judges hearing the case and ask that they take steps to protect Christians and other religious minorities from verbal and physical attacks.

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