Poor Kyrgyz Christians given timely gifts of food, coal or hay

18 July 2023

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“This help given to my family was a blessing from the Lord,” declared Nazira, a poor Christian grandmother from Kyrgyzstan.

Her family was among 298 impoverished and marginalised Christian families (about 700 people) given food to sustain them, coal for heating and/or hay for their livestock by Barnabas.

The arrival of hay funded by Barnabas Aid was timely, Nazira added, as they were about to have to sell one of their cattle to buy forage to feed their other animals.

Poor Kyrgyz Christians said Barnabas-funded hay was a blessing from the Lord 

The families, who live in poor rural areas badly impacted by Covid-19, are ostracised from the Muslim majority because of their decision to follow Christ. They endure harassment, strife and threats of eviction from their village homes because of their faith.

Rising food and coal prices have made their situation worse. A 100% increase on the price of hay has led some farmers to slaughter their cattle out of desperation.

“We were very upset about how to feed the cattle,” explained Christian farmer Kuban. “And then help from your fund in the form of 100 bales of hay. We were very happy. Thank you.”

A Christian mother and her children receive Barnabas-funded bags of coal

A Christian widow with three children said that when the Barnabas food parcel arrived she didn’t even have money for bread.

Food parcels, containing staples including rice, flour, pasta, cooking oil, sugar and tea, were given to 178 families. Nine families received food parcels and coal, 67 received coal only, 39 received hay only, four families received hay and coal and one family received a food parcel and hay.

Pray that God will continue to provide for the needs of His people in Kyrgyzstan, and ask that our brothers and sisters will be greatly encouraged by support from believers in other countries.

Project reference: 26-724

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