Bless Pakistani Christian children with life-changing Christian schools

14 July 2023

Can you help 11,000 marginalised Christian children in Pakistan grow up strong in the Lord by supporting Christian schools?

“They dislike Christians and other children from different religions… We are happy that we have a school for our children where they can get a decent education.” Pritam, a Christian teacher at a Christian school supported by Barnabas, explains how Christian school-children are marginalised and ill-treated in many of Pakistan’s government schools. And most come from families who cannot afford school fees. Some Christian children get no education at all.

But, praise God, more than 11,000 poor Pakistani Christian children are getting a schooling in a loving, Christian environment, with the help of Barnabas Aid. Many of them have illiterate parents and the children are the first in their families to go to school.

“I am thankful to the Lord that He listens to my prayers and grants me the opportunity to get a good education,” says Ushaw, one of the 11,000 children you are helping with your donations to Barnabas Aid.

Ushaw’s mother is too poor to pay school fees. Thanks to the generosity of Barnabas’ supporters, Ushaw is able to study free of charge, growing in her faith, as well as learning typical school subjects.

Ushaw is one of 11,000 Christian children who can study in a safe and nurturing Christian school. She can continue to learn and grow in the Lord with your support

“I love my school. I feel happy and actively participate in the morning assembly and class activities,” said Ushaw.

The cost of living in Pakistan has soared. In addition, Christians also face discrimination and harassment from the majority community. Sometimes, hostility can escalate into violence, with one extremist group recently stating they’ll “make Pakistan a hell for Christianity”.

Pritam teaches at a Christian school in Pakistan. Your support provides jobs for Christian teachers who fulfil this important role in educating the next generation of Christians in Pakistan

Transforming Christian communities

Barnabas Aid contributes to the running costs of 121 Christian schools in Pakistan - some big, some small - including 43 schools for Christian brick-kiln communities. All of these schools offer a strong, Bible-based education to children from the neediest and most vulnerable Christian families.

There is hope for the future for Christian children in Pakistan. With your support, they can have a safe and nurturing school to grow in their faith

Thanks to Barnabas supporters, Christians have a brighter future through breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Your gifts provide hope for the children, peace of mind for their parents, and jobs for Christian teachers. It will also strengthen local churches and the Christian community as a whole.

If you can give, thank you, but above all please pray.

How you can help

£9 ($12.00; €10.50) is a typical* cost to support a Pakistani Christian child in school for a month (*cost varies with region, age of children and other factors)

£25 ($31; €28) could cover a typical teacher’s monthly salary in a simple school in a brick-kiln area

£55 ($68; €61) could provide books, exercise books, slates, pencils and other stationery for 20 children for one year in a brick-kiln school

Sponsor a child If you feel led by the Lord, you can also sponsor a child by giving a regular monthly gift of any size. Click here for more details.