Help us feed starving Christians in northern Kenya

6 May 2022

“This is one of the hardest times we have experienced,” wrote Kenyan Christians to Barnabas this week. Four rainy seasons in a row have failed in the north of the country, making it the worst drought since 1981.

Back in September 2021, the government declared the drought to be a national disaster – that was after only two consecutive failed rainy seasons. Since then, the short rains and the long rains have both failed again.

Water is increasingly hard to find, cattle are dying and even camels are struggling to survive. Half a million Kenyans are at risk of starvation, according to the World Food Programme. Meanwhile, prolonged hunger and malnutrition have made people prone to diseases, their weakened bodies unable to resist infections.

Feed the neglected Christians 

In this Muslim-dominated part of Kenya, Christians are usually left out when government food relief is distributed.

But, through Barnabas Fund, you can feed our desperately hungry brothers and sisters. 

Barnabas is partnering with a Kenyan Christian ministry, which has many long-term field workers in the affected parts of the country, to provide basic foodstuffs to vulnerable Christian households. Most of these families used to earn their living as casual labourers or through small business ventures. But normal life has ground to a halt, with the catastrophic drought and famine, which have followed a series of other disasters. 

Local shops still have food for sale, although prices have spiralled. The cost for one month’s supply of maize flour, beans and cooking oil for one family is currently £18 ($22; €21). The food will be distributed discreetly by local pastors and church members.

A previous Barnabas-funded aid distribution in Kenya. Can you help us to once again provide for our Kenyan brothers and sisters?

What will you give?

10kg maize flour £7 ($8.60; €8.15) 

5kg beans £5.70 ($6.90; €6.65)

2 litres cooking oil £5.30 ($6.50; €6.20)

Food for one family for two months £36 ($44; €42)

Please give now.

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