Kenyan food crisis: help Christians survive

3 March 2023

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers for our Kenyan Christian brothers and sisters in these difficult times.

“There is immediate need for intervention,” wrote a senior church leader in Kenya to Barnabas Aid on Thursday (2 March). The severe drought affecting parts of his country, especially the north, looks set to continue. It is already the worst drought in decades.

Five rainy seasons in a row have failed. Kenyan Christians are praying that the March-May 2023 rains will be good and restore the dried-up land. But weather forecasts do not look promising.

Your prayers and gifts are needed for Christians in northern Kenya suffering the worst drought for decades

Children have stopped attending school; they have to help their parents go out foraging for what little food they can find. Schools can no longer give lunch to their pupils.

The Kenyan government is providing some aid and so are certain charities. But Christians are a small minority in the north and often discriminated against by local distribution organisers.

Kenyan Christians can only pray and hope in the Lord.

Can you help us to continue to supply much-needed food to our brothers and sisters in northern Kenya?

“Happy that they are remembered by the people of God”

Barnabas Aid has been feeding hungry Christians in northern Kenya.

“People are so thankful for the food and support,” said one pastor as his congregation received maize flour, beans and cooking oil funded by Barnabas. “They are also happy that they are remembered by the people of God.”

Until the rains fall properly enabling crops to be sown and harvested, the need continues.

Thank you for your prayers. If you can give a gift, thank you for that too.

How you can help

Prices vary but examples are below.

$13.60 10 kg maize flour

$11.10 ($6.90; €6.65) 5 kg beans

$10.30 2 litres cooking oil

$35 Food for one family for a month

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