NIGERIA – Christian young woman from Chibok abducted and “married” to Muslim

11 January 2018

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Linda Maina, a 17-year-old Christian from Chibok, has been abducted and forcibly married to a Muslim.

Linda went missing before Christmas, after travelling to another town to be a bridesmaid at her cousin’s wedding. On 28 December, her father received a summons to attend a sharia court in Maiduguri, around 70 miles north of Chibok. At the hearing, Linda’s father and his lawyer were not given an opportunity to state their case. Linda, who was present, was not allowed to speak in court and lawyers for her abductor claimed Linda had “always wanted to marry a Muslim man.”

17-year-old Linda Maina

Linda’s father told Global Christian News that his daughter “had never said she wanted to get married to anyone, not to me or to anyone in the family. All she wanted was to go to a University … She just finished her secondary school in June.”

At the time of writing, Linda has not been returned to her family.

A church pastor who is helping the family to try and secure Linda’s release stated, “Christian families continue to suffer this kind of issue. This is about the fifth case this year alone ... There is a deliberate, calculated plan by Muslims to destroy as many Christian girls as possible.”

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