A Cent per Piece of PPE: Shipping Aid for Saving Lives

March 25, 2022

A triage nurse waiting for patients at the entrance of one of the African hospitals that desperately needs more PPE

The first container of food shipped from the UK to Pakistan is ready to be unpacked by the local food.gives team

Saving Lives

Through our medical.gives and food.gives projects we are providing for the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world, with God’s help and yours. We have sent:

  • containers of food parcels from the United Kingdom to Pakistan and the Middle East;
  • containers of chickpeas from Australia to Jordan;
  • containers of mixed aid from Australia to Tonga, after the underwater volcano eruption and tsunami;
  • containers of aid from the U.S. and United Kingdom to help refugees from Ukraine in neighboring countries, and those in Ukraine itself;
  • more than 400 tons of ePap (nutrient-rich maize porridge) from South Africa to Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Eswatini and Mozambique – which is enough ePap to restore health to 200,000 malnourished children and adults.

Can you help keep these vital supplies flowing around the world?

Loading food.gives aid for Tonga

Your Gift Could Save a Life

In a world racked by Covid, natural disasters, violence and hunger, the need to sustain our Christian brothers and sisters has never been greater.

Your gift towards shipping costs of life-sustaining aid could save the lives of Christian brothers and sisters who face poverty and persecution.

Literally every cent counts