29 January 2021

Crowded into makeshift shelters, Indonesian Christians who survived the Sulawesi earthquake urgently need food, baby milk, blankets and tents.

A powerful earthquake struck Indonesia two weeks ago, on Friday 15 January, with the island of Sulawesi taking the brunt of the 6.2 magnitude quake. At least 84 people died, and many thousands were left homeless in the regencies of Majene and Mamuju. The previous day a 5.9 magnitude tremor had rocked the same area.

Christian survivors of the Sulawesi earthquake sheltering in makeshift camps urgently need food, blankets, suitable tents and other essentials

The government emergency response and aid for the survivors is inadequate and is scheduled to cease altogether on 8 February. Some of the makeshift camps received no help at all for days after the quake.

Homeless, hungry Christians need your help

The population of Mamuju is about 16% Christian and the earthquake has destroyed church buildings as well as many Christian homes, leaving our brothers and sisters in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Help desperate Indonesian pastors to look after their homeless church members

Desperate Indonesian pastors are pleading with Barnabas Fund for tents, blankets, food and baby milk for their homeless church members.

Please help us to help them.

5kg rice £3 ($4.50; €3.50)

1kg baby formula milk £7 ($10; €8)

5 blankets £10 ($14; €11)

10 large tins of sardines £17 ($23; €19)

Family tent £45 ($62; €51)

Group tent £65 ($90; €74)