Leave a Legacy

A legacy of love for generations to come

God blessed Abraham so that he could in turn be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2). Not just members of his own family, tribe, city or nation, but all the peoples of the earth.

After you have taken care of your loved ones in your will, please consider widening your care to those who belong to your extended family, that is your Christian brothers and sisters worldwide.

What kind of blessing can you pass on to others?

A legacy gift (that is, a gift included in your will) can:

  • Bring aid and healing to believers who have suffered violence for their faith

  • Give shelter to displaced Christian families fleeing persecution in their homeland

  • Educate and train young children in their faith through Christian schooling

  • Build and repair churches in places of pressureand persecution

  • Feed Christians facing hunger and deprivation, disadvantaged for belonging to the family of God

  • Strengthen Christian brothers and sisters with Bibles in their Educate and train young own language

  • Support an evangelist or pastor facing daily danger in their ministry in regions where Christians are a persecuted minority