In Philippians 1, Paul calls Christians to partner with him in his ministry. There are various ways you can partner with Barnabas Aid in our ministry to our persecuted brothers and sisters. Through the prayers and generosity of our supporters, and with God’s help, Barnabas has been able to transform the lives of Christians suffering for their faith in over 90 different countries.

These projects include the provision of food and basic needs, medical care, Christian schools, disaster relief, leadership training, support for pastors and evangelists, Bibles and Christian literature, small business start-ups for self-sufficiency, and help for converts and victims of violence. We want to help as much as possible – but we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

Become a Partner

If you share our passion for serving persecuted Christians and have the time and desire to help others understand their plight, then we invite you to apply to become a voluntary Partner.

We will provide our Partners with the following:

  • Communication: In addition to our regular material, Area Partners, Church Partners and Speakers will receive a bimonthly briefing, which highlights key information to pass on to their church.

  • Resources: Area Partners, Church Partners and Speakers will be equipped with extra resources about our ministry and the projects we support, such as DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, posters and leaflets.

  • Training days: Area Partners, Church Partners and Speakers are invited to regional briefing days where they can learn more about persecuted Christians around the world and how to be effective in their ministry with Barnabas Aid.

  • Encouragement: We appreciate all Partners regardless of how much time they can give to helping. We want to encourage all Partners to use their gifts in the ministry for the Persecuted Church.

Select a partner role below to find out more.

Prayer Partner

Prayer is our leading priority at Barnabas Aid. We are so grateful that many supporters already pray for the persecuted Church and in this sense are already partnering with us in prayer. However, if you would like to create a dedicated prayer group or join with an existing group, we invite you to become a Prayer Partner. Prayer Partners will be provided with a Prayer Group Starter Pack, and regular prayer updates.

Church Partner

How Church Partners can help:

  • Distribute “Barnabas Aid” magazine and other printed materials at their own church.
  • Encourage prayer by raising items at church prayer meetings and/or through church services or notice sheet.
  • Alert church leaders to special emergency needs.
  • Promote special events such as Suffering Church Sunday and encourage people to support petitions and campaigns.
  • Motivate individuals and the church to support Barnabas Fund and sign up to receive “Barnabas Aid” magazine.

Area Partner

Area Partners promote the work of Barnabas Aid across a local area rather than just within a particular local church.

Although we are looking for at least one Area Partner in each county, the area can be tailored to suit depending on what is manageable for themselves and their community. Area Partners may help promote special Barnabas Aid meetings in the area, distribute material to local churches, look for opportunities for speakers and support Church Partners in the area.


We are looking for individuals who have experience in public speaking (and possibly preaching) to give a voice to Christians around the world who cannot speak for themselves.

Speakers are provided with information and materials including DVDs and PowerPoint presentations. Speakers may be approached by Barnabas Aid to speak at a few engagements a year in local churches and Christian groups that fit in with their schedule. Speakers may also initiate their own speaking engagements.

To become a partner, please contact us