Food and basic aid for persecuted Christians in Myanmar

14 June 2024

“We are running out of food,” said “Dedan” – a Christian in Myanmar who is just one among the many thousands of our brothers and sisters enduring relentless waves of persecution. 

Anti-Christian violence in Myanmar has persisted for at least three generations and has grown even more acute since the military coup of February 2021.  

Many Christian villages are bombed or burnt to the ground in attacks by the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw). Those who survive must flee and are left with nothing. Can you help?

The Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) has repeatedly attacked civilians in Christian-majority areas of the country. Dedan and his family survived the bombing of their village, only for soldiers to steal and eat their cows, pigs and chickens, leaving the already impoverished family utterly destitute.

Can you help those who have lost everything? 

Many believers in Myanmar have suffered the same hardships.

They have been forced from their homes and forced into makeshift settlements. Often the camps where they have sought shelter have come under attack. Believers have been left injured, bereaved and traumatised. They are without food, medicine and other basic necessities.

“Dedan” and his family are just one example of Christians who have been displaced by violence and persecution in Myanmar. Can you help our brothers and sisters with their basic needs?

Our project partners are doing their best to reach the many thousands of our brothers and sisters who have lost everything, in order to provide much-needed food, medicine and basic aid.

But they need your help.

We are deeply grateful for the generous giving of our faithful supporters. As well as keeping our suffering Christian family in your prayers, could you consider helping to supply their urgent need?

How you can help

£10 ($12; €11) could provide a big sleeping mat and blankets

£21 ($25; €23) could provide a Christian family of up to five with a monthly food parcel containing rice, noodles, oil, canned fish and various vegetables

£29 ($35; €32) could provide an aid package for a Christian family containing a big sleeping mat, blankets and a tarpaulin to be used for a shelter

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