Don’t forget victims of Typhoon Rai: Help hungry, homeless Christians in the Philippines

21 January 2022

“Complete carnage” and “as if bombed worse than World War Two”. Rescue teams struggled to describe the devastation created when Typhoon Rai swept across the Philippines on 16 December. Some thought the damage was even worse than Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, the deadliest storm on record in the Philippines.

As of 13 January, a total of eight million people were affected by Typhoon Rai, with 1.4 million homes damaged including 400,000 destroyed. Some of the victims had been living in makeshift houses ever since Typhoon Haiyan, houses which could not possibly withstand Typhoon Rai. Field crops and fishing boats were also destroyed, depriving people of their livelihoods.

Pintuyan municipality was devastated by Typhoon Rai on 16 December. Your gift will feed hungry Christians and enable them to rebuild their homes 

Make their hope a reality

The third and fourth landfalls of Typhoon Rai (called in the Philippines Typhoon Odette) were in the sprawling coastal province of Southern Leyte.

Local evangelical church leaders are desperate to assist the typhoon victims with post-disaster relief and rehabilitation and have pleaded with us for aid. Your gift will help make this hope a reality.

A shelter repair kit like this will enable a family to patch up their damaged home

Simple shelter repair kits will enable families to patch up their damaged homes and make them more liveable. Each kit comprises 14 corrugated metal sheets for roofing, two metal roof ridges, 44 lengths of coconut timber in various sizes, 12 pieces of plywood and assorted nails, plus saw and hammer. Training will be given

What will you give our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, who have lost their homes and liveilihoods?

Remember those the world has forgotten

The world has already forgotten Typhoon Rai, but our brothers and sisters in the Philippines remain in great need. Please remember them in your prayers and give a gift to change their lives.

1 hammer and 1 handsaw cost £6 ($8.50; €7.50)

Rice for 1 family (25kg) costs £14 ($19; €17)

1 household pack costs £20 ($28; €24)

Roofing materials for 1 house cost £120 ($160; €140)

1 shelter repair kit costs £280 ($380; €340)

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