Save lives in Ukraine with stoves for winter warmth

21 October 2022

Snow is already on the ground in parts of Ukraine. It is bitterly cold and people must stay warm to stay alive especially children and elderly.

But with 30% of the country’s power stations destroyed since 10 October, power blackouts are going to bring not only darkness but also dangerously low temperatures to the homes of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians. That includes many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

A wood-burning stove such as this one could provide warmth for the home of a Christian family or an elderly believer as temperatures in Ukraine plummet

And there are many cold months still to come, before winter gives way to spring.

“There are lots of families and old people who are left without heating and any kind of power,” wrote one of our project partners this week. He asked for wood-burning stoves to distribute to the neediest people, so that they could keep warm even when there is no electricity.

Firewood is a life-saver for elderly people and children in Ukraine, where winter cold is already biting. But they need a stove to burn it in. Will you help?

With God’s help and yours, we want to purchase wood-burning stoves in Romania which our Christian project partners will transport into Ukraine. A small stove, suitable for a family, costs around £70 ($80; €80). A large stove for a communal shelter costs around £330 ($370; €370).

Please help. Your gift could save a life.

Two gifts of £35 could provide a wood-burning stove for a family or elderly person

£330 could provide a large wood-burning stove to heat a shelter shared by many people

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