Small businesses for Indonesian pastors

5 July 2024

Just as his Lord did, Pastor Andreas works as a carpenter. As well as helping him gain the trust of the community, running his carpentry business part-time provides a steady income for Andreas and his family.

Believers in rural Indonesia are often poor, and congregations are small. Church members love their pastors, but simply cannot provide them with a full wage. For this reason, many pastors and church planters set up small businesses alongside their Gospel work.

The congregation served by Pastor Andreas

You can help. A small gift could help an Indonesian church leader establish or grow his small business, sustaining him in his vital work for Christ and His Kingdom.

“The cows of the poor”

Pastor “Paulus” divides his time between Gospel ministry and caring for his four goats.

Goats, says our project partner, are “the cows of the poor” and represent “an excellent investment”. The goats reproduce quickly and the animals can be sold, providing a steady income. The goats’ milk can also be sold. Even their dung is valuable for use as fertiliser.

Three of the goats tended by Pastor “Paulus”

Paulus now hopes to expand the enclosure where he keeps his goats and to buy more.

A gift to those who labour for the Lord

The range of small businesses undertaken by Indonesian pastors is truly remarkable.

They work as labourers and handymen; they keep chickens and goats; they grow vegetables and mushrooms; they make and repair clothes; they prepare local delicacies such as salted eggs and “sun soup”. One pastor, Titus, works as a badminton coach and racquet manufacturer!

You can help. If you feel able, could you give a small gift to help more pastors and church planters provide for themselves and their families as they labour for the Lord?

£25 ($30; €28) could buy a new set of tools for a carpenter

£48 ($58; €53) could provide 16 hens and two roosters

£125 ($150; €138) could buy a young female goat

£163 ($196; €180) could provide a start-up kit for a vegetable-growing business

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