Ray of hope amid ruins of earthquake

The earthquake reduced many homes to rubble and made others unsafe to live in

“I felt utterly helpless,” said Chitrapan, a Nepali church leader, as he recalled viewing the devastation left by a powerful earthquake that rocked a poor and remote, mountainous western region of Nepal. Then a “ray of hope” arrived, he said, giving thanks to God.

That ray of hope came in the form of desperately needed relief supplies paid for by the donations of Barnabas supporters.

Working through our church partners in Nepal, Barnabas-funded food parcels containing rice, pulses and cooking oil were distributed to 680 Christian households (about 1,600 individuals) in West Rukum and Jajarkot, the districts worst hit by the disaster.

We also provided blankets to 380 Christian households and warm clothes for 177 Christian children.

God’s love and provision

“The relief material sent by fellow Christians served as a tangible reminder of God’s love and provision,” said Kamala, a Christian in her 20s. “Their timely help reminded me that even in the midst of disaster, God works through His people to bring hope and healing.”

“Together we are rebuilding not just homes but spirits.”

The 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck close to midnight on 3 November 2023, killing more than 150 people – the majority of them children – and leaving tens of thousands homeless.

Survivors used whatever they could salvage to build makeshift shelters to protect themselves from the freezing winter temperatures as wave after wave of aftershocks caused further destruction to their already damaged homes. At least 20 churches were reduced to rubble.

“The earthquake left our village in ruins. We lost everything,” said Samana, a young Christian mother who also cares for her elderly in-laws. “But when the relief material from our Christian brothers and sisters arrived, it was like a miracle.

“Their compassion and selflessness touched my heart deeply. Their assistance not only met our physical needs but also strengthened our faith in God’s goodness and mercy.

“We are forever grateful for their unwavering support during our darkest hour.”

A Christian mother and child left homeless by the earthquake in front of their makeshift shelter

Resilience in face of adversity

Our church partners faced many challenges because of the difficult mountainous terrain and the damage the earthquake caused to roads and tracks. They set up distribution points at accessible locations in order to reach as many Christian families as possible.

Rescue volunteer Prakash said being part of the church relief effort was a humbling experience.










Barnabas-funded aid is unloaded ready for distribution to Nepali Christians suffering as a result of the earthquake

“We’ve seen the resilience and strength of the community in the face of adversity,” he explained.

“Our role has been to offer a listening ear, a comforting presence, and practical assistance to those who have been most affected.

“Together we are rebuilding not just homes but spirits.”

The aid provided made a “significant difference” to the lives of hundreds of Christians.

A local pastor concluded, “The relief efforts by Barnabas Aid have brought hope to many families who have lost everything.

“Through our distribution of food, warm clothes and prayers we have helped to restore dignity and resilience in the midst of devastation.”

Project reference: 00-634 (Disaster Relief Fund)

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