Barnabas delivers rice to 30,000 hungry Christian families in Haiti

22 August 2023

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“The practical relief is invaluable to our Haitian brothers and sisters,” our Caribbean church partners told us after Barnabas provided rice to around 30,000 hungry Christian Haitian families.

“Food scarcity and even famine is an ongoing and desperate situation,” added our partners.

The government of Haiti has collapsed, and people are too afraid to leave their homes because of violent gangs, who are responsible for a wave of murders, rapes and kidnappings.

Barnabas-funded rice was safely distributed through Haitian churches

Earthquakes and hurricanes add to the despair of the nation’s Christian-majority population.

Praise God, the rice distribution was safely completed through village churches. The total amount of rice delivered was sufficient for 300,000 meals.

“Thank you again for your support,” our partners told Barnabas. “May God bless you.”

Give thanks for the successful and safe distribution of the rice. Pray that stability returns to this Caribbean nation.

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