Barnabas-funded food aid already on its way to cyclone-affected Malawi Christians

23 March 2023

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Barnabas Aid has responded swiftly to the urgent needs of Christians affected by the cyclone that devastated Malawi earlier this month by sending 350,000 servings of ePap.

Thanks to your generous response to our appeal on 17 March, 15 tonnes of nourishing ePap porridge is already on its way Malawian Christians who are desperately short of food.

Cyclone Freddy appeal – Feed Malawi Christians in need: Click here for more information

In partnership with African Enterprise, the ePap is being taken by road from South Africa and will arrive soon in Malawi.

Barnabas Aid project partners load 15 tonnes of ePap that are currently on the way to cyclone-affected Christians in Malawi   

Cyclone Freddy – which battered Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique – caused more than six months of rain to fall in just six days in mid-March.

This resulted in widespread flooding and mudslides that left an estimated 40,000 homes damaged or destroyed. More than 400 people in Malawi are known to have been killed in the disaster.

Christian-majority Malawi is often the last to receive aid in time of need owing to its landlocked position.

We are overwhelmed by our supporters’ faithful support and generosity in helping suffering Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. Thank you for your prayers and for answering our calls for help when the need arises. 

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