Islamist gunmen murder 24 including worshippers and pastor in north-east Burkina Faso

18 February 2020

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Islamist extremist gunmen stormed a Sunday morning worship service in a church in Burkina Faso, killing ten Christians and abducting the pastor, on Sunday 16 February.

After the church attack in Pansi village, Yagha province, the death toll rose to 24 when the militants later murdered a further 14 people, including the abducted pastor.

A number of Christians were reported injured and others were abducted in the attacks. Children are thought to be among the injured and missing. Many villagers fled to the nearby village of Sebba for safety.
Colonel Salfo Kabore the governor of Yagha province, Burkina Faso, said the "armed terrorists" selectively murdered locals in Pansi

The governor of Yagha province, Colonel Salfo Kabore , said in a statement that the group of “armed terrorists” attacked the peaceful north-eastern community “after having identified and separated them from non-residents”.

The murderous attack comes amid a spate of anti-Christian violence in the region and brings the death toll to at least 57, since the beginning of the year. Just days earlier, on 13 February, Pastor Tindano Omar and three members of his family were murdered by their militant captors. Lankoande Babilibilé, the church deacon, had been killed by the militants during the abduction of the pastor and his family from Sebba, on 10 February.

From Barnabas Fund contacts and other sources

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