Kenya missionary families evacuate under threat of Al Shabaab terror attack

13 November 2018

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Two Kenyan Christian missionary couples and their five children were evacuated from north-east Kenya last week after direct threats were made of an imminent attack on their lives.

The families, who work in Muslim communities, had endured weeks of repeated stoning attacks made on their houses. Communications had also been cut off when a telephone mast was blown up. Security forces are unable to protect the families because Al Shabaab repeatedly attack and disappear into nearby forests. Some local Muslim sympathisers will not assist  security forces by reporting what they witness.

A local pastor called for prayer, “Please pray with us! We have reached a decision to evacuate. In September Christian workers in the area were singled out and killed – for this reason we have to take these threats seriously.”

Barnabas Fund is supporting Christian pastors and evangelists in Kenya, like Charles, Grace and their family

In the 14 September attack, Al Shabaab terrorists separated out and murdered two Kenyan Christians travelling on a bus after they refused to recite the shahada Islamic creed. Recitation of the shahada is considered conversion to Islam.

Kenya is around 80% Christian and 10% Muslim. Most of the country’s Muslim population, many of whom are ethnic Somalis, live in the north-east of the country. The Somali-based terror group Al Shabaab has repeatedly targeted Kenyan Christians.

Barnabas Fund is assisting with the costs of evacuating the two families.

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